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Future-oriented learning and teaching in NZ | NZCER report

NCZER report - Enabling e-Learning blogHave you seen the future?

NZCER has been investigating, and has produced a thought-provoking report on what future-oriented teaching and learning looks like, what conditions enable it and how you might support and sustain such approaches.

Here's what they found:

Effective teaching faciltates active, engaged learning - and this may require schools to "unbundle" structures and systems that might have been traditionally seen in schools in the past.


6 emerging principles:


  • Learning is deeply personalised, supported by flexible access to resources. 
  • Embrace and teach for diversity, inclusivity and equity: Learning embraces everyone's diversity, involves community, family and whānau, and also prepares students to embrace diversity themselves.
  • Curriculum helps students build their ability to learn: Foreground how to learn, how to manage self and work with knowledge.

Shift the locus of control from the teacher and move towards a model of ako, a reciprocal relationship, in which everyone has a contribution.

  • Sustained, iterative learning is a lifelong endeavor, for students and teachers. Can everyone access new and different forms of learning?
  • De-silo schools and connect through new partnerships and relationships. Connect to the local and global communities.


Technology and collaboration as enablers


Threaded through these principles is the importance of technology as an enabler, and collaboration as an underpinning attitude to support meaningful change.


It's worth checking out each of the six principles to explore the school stories, the discussion and the aspects that impact on teaching practice, together with suggested strategies and approaches.



The full report can be found on the Ministry's Education Counts: http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/schooling/109306