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Engaging with the eLearning Planning Framework

School Type: Decile 4, Secondary, Multicultural, 2800 students

Place in the eLearning framework: My school embodies the dimentions of emerging and is working in some dimentions of engaging and working towards others. 

Supporting Resources: To work towards being more fully engaged, my school must raise awareness of, What you can do? and How you might do it? PD must focus on learning with technology and applying appropriate pedagogy. Snapshots of eLearning stories is an ideal tool to be used to facilitate this as they can be accessed by teachers anytime/anyplace, are short and give examples of good practice modeled by teachers. 


  • melvin

    Good morning Heather

    i have just created  a li'l mission for myself in one of your old school ( very low decile).

     It is about breaking the new grounds i e working at grass root level to encourage teachers to integrate e-learning of some sort, as a starting point.

    There seems to be some natural inertia that exists due to , workload issue, some need PD as you mentioned above some simply have humanistic reasons... ahurutanga/ appropriate learning places with suitable tools.

    I will work with one department at a time and try to build relational connections with others.

    I strongly believe that timetabling hinders seconadry school teachers to bring creativity in learning ( storybird type self interest projects as presented in the DA Hui can not be facilitated in 50 minutes).

    Some work  has already started to persue  two double periods for seniors ( technology students at this satge).

      I am sure it will work.