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Here I am in 2012 -where are we on the elearning framework?

School is between emerging and engaging, because we have planned for use of technology and many are using with in the limitaitons of our infrastructure.  We do have wireless, we do have the snup upgrade, we are desperately waiting for UFB as our internet is only slightly faster than dial up on a good day! Some staff are trialling initiatives.  Others are lagging behind, although they are aware of technologies and the need to change their practice.  Some staff crow that they dont need technology to have a damn good lesson and I know that in some cases they are right but they have not made the shift to the new paradigm and I fear for when they suddenly realise they have been left behind because they havent invested time in learning technologies.  We have a facilitator starting in the school to help shift the pedagogical approach of these laggers, but at the same time i think that there has to be an injection of professional development right across New Zealand, expecially when I hear teachers talk at other meetings/courses.

I personally am stuck in the spot between engaging and extending.  Restrictions of the infrastructure are frustrating and inhibiting.  I do have students collaborating on google documents and making youtubes and commenting on other youtubes but they too are frustrated with the slowness of the internet.  My students have started using portfolios but as for uploading videos....dream on.  

About one third of the community do not have landlines at home, so internet is not on their landscape.  I hope that Computers in Homes will help address this shortage of computers in the community.Frown