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eLearning Planning Framework

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By Florence Lyons

School type: Secondary rural school; I teach French in a community where languages are not seen as important and useful. The students I teach are 99% Pakeha from a farming community.



Where you think you are as a school on the framework (best fit): As I only have 1/2 hour to work on this question, I need to prioritise. I know I might not be extremely bad as most of the dimensions of the eLeaning Framework, but i know I am a beginner/ emerger in the dimension "beyond the classroom". As my emerging position has been identified, I am going to concentrate on that today.

Links to resources selected with a brief description of how you would use each one:

I have found the following resources useful:

-the registered teacher criteria

The registered Teacher Criteria and eLearing Wiki

The eLearning Planning Framework obviously



When I look at the eLearning Planning Framework I can see I am at the emerging phase, well actually I am at the pre-emerging phase. I do not use any tools to connect to my students' whanau.

Obviously, I need to put in place a plan in order to grow. I am aiming to get to the Emerging Phase by the end of this year .


What I am going to do?


I have created a Facebook page where I show great resources to my students. Parents do not know about it. I need to make a priority  to let Whanaus know. I will send a newsletter to all the families.


My Year 11 are using a Wiki where they can work independently on their language skills. Again parents do not know about it. I will invite parents for an evening to show them how their students can use the resource.


During the parent evening, I will also show parents that our students are using myPortfolio and how parents can support their learning.