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On the eLPF path...

School type: large co-ed state secondary school

Where you think you are as a school on the framework (best fit): emerging.  Core group of elearning enthusiasts, early adopters, experimenters (eLearning Committee)driving PD collaboratively as a group, independently of senior leadership but within school's 3 year PD and L plan.  eLearning not integrated with appraisal processes.  Individual teachers range from pre emerging, through to extending /empowering but in a school of 80 teachers probably about a dozen who would sit at higher end of progression. 

Links to resources selected with a brief description of how you would use each one:

http://virtualicteltpd.ning.com/  as member of VPLD I use this for professional sharing and l reflection, to set personal PD and L goals, access to great resources which I also use to facilitate learning with colleagues at school.  Especially raising achievement for Maori and Pasifika.

/discussion/view/686196  Intend to use this to drive more focused whole school approach to builidng elearning capablility.  Begin sharing with eLearning Committee, take to  Learning Committee, HOFs and SLT and start waving my arms and yelling.  

 http://edtalks.org/   Already use these as source of personal 'professional readings' but will make a bigger effort to share more often with wider staff.  Really liked Kathe's story about using google docs to facilitate collaborative professional reading groups and intend to work to set this up in my school.  Would use edtalks as resource too.