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School type:Primary School

Where you think you are as a school on the framework (best fit):

We are currently in our final year of an ICT contract. Following a Staff walkthrough process yesterday, I feel our school is emerging with some engaging aspect in the vision and leadership. ICT is used as a tool  to present our learning rather than a tool to enhance our learning. We have an ultranet currently and activeness of this by teachers is sporadic and the main use of this is some blogging and a place for games links.

Links to resources selected with a brief description of how you would use each one: 

The snapshots for learning I feel are an ideal tool for teachers at my school. They see teachers of their own level using tools to enhance the child's learning and links to think outside the box-other tools that might do what the teacher wants that is easier to embed or for the child to use.


I have also encouraged satff to join the VLin, I find personally the regular emails highlight upcoming events and certain tools that I or others  might like to use and this encourages me to peruse at leisure!!!! There are also many groups that people can join. This means that staff see things and are not told, it also adds choice and learning in your own time.

I would like staff  to consider and be encouraged to look and consider forums they use or could use to increase their use of the ICT tool as an enhancement tool.