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Supporting resources for the eLPF

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By Anne Ditcher

Full Primary School

Best Fit on ePF is Emergent

Resource 1

The Registered Teacher Criteria and e-learning wiki

I would recommend this to teachers of my school because:

  1. it has examples of how e-learning can be used to support the Registered Teacher Criteria we are currently using as part of our appraisal documents;
  2. it has separate pages for each of the twelve RTC criteria;
  3. the examples can be copied and pasted straight into your appriaisal document;
  4. the examples show what you could do, which is not necessarily the same thing;
  5. each page has great links to classroom blogs and wikis and tools with yet more examples and resources.

This wiki is a fantastic resource and definitely worth a prolonged visit. It is far more than just a guide on how to complete your appraisal document (although it is great for this on the first visit).

Resource 2


This is a NZ version of TED talks - targetted to the NZC, by NZers for NZers. Heaps of good stuff.

Resource 3

The snapshots of learning on Software for Learning

Illustrations of how various pieces of software have been used in real classrooms. You can browse by Curriculum Focus, by Type of Software, by School Level or by A-Z of Software name.