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Hidden Gems in the VLNC

I came across this amongst Eddie's collection of Press Releases. I must admit i haven't been following these all that closely as i get tired of the continual political spin in the media over UFB. But here lies a hidden gem - and how many other hidden gems are there out in the VLN Communities? Please share your stories, research & practice here!

Research into elearning relevant, educator says
RESEARCH recently published by Northern Southland College deputy principal Wayne Duncan is timely, considering the Government is spending $1.5 billion upgrading broadband access to schools, he says.
Dr Duncan, who recently completed a Massey University Doctor of Education degree, researched how empathy functioned in elearning classrooms where the teacher communicated with pupils in a variety of locations via the internet.
Throughout New Zealand, a growing number of pupils are able to connect to the internet and take part in lessons taught in another location.
Mr Duncan said his research was pertinent at the moment, with the Govern• ment spending $1.5 billion on broadband technologies.
‘‘This is research into an area where a lot of money is being spent.’’
Empathy — ‘‘the ability to interpret the internal frame of another’’ — was an import• ant ingredient in the way teachers related to pupils.
‘‘[Empathy] is a cornerstone of successful learning and teaching.
‘‘A really good teacher is one that relates to students really well — a teacher cannot relate to students unless they can empathise,’’ he said.
Teachers who might be separated geographically from pupils but taught them online still needed to be able to establish empathy with them.
His research found out how teachers did this.
‘‘With the advent of the internet, teachers and learners are creating new ways of interacting online,’’ he said.
The research also was particularly relevant in Southland, which was leading the way in elearning.
‘‘This online teaching will only rise as the traditional classroom morphs into a worldwide classroom,’’ Dr Duncan said.

Doctor in the school:
Northern Southland College deputy principal Wayne Duncan has recently graduated with a Massey University Doctor of Education degree after completing a thesis about how teachers build empathy with pupils in an online classroom.

  Wayne Duncan


Retrieved from Gore Ensign 8/06/2012

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