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Korero 5: Budgeting for Achievement - Primary & Intermediate

Lorraine Makutu 34 days ago

I would like to know:

  • How does the annual plan and strategic plan reflect within the budget?
  • What are some of the reasons behind the role decline?
  • What have the community said about the strategic plan and the annual plan? how have they supported the learning vision in the past?
  • What were your estimated projection forecast for your school roll in October?
  • How do the BOT's expectations meet the needs of our strategic plan?

Communication, Relational, Trust, Vision, collaborative


  • Spencer Baty

    Key question: How do we as aspiring principals grow our capacities to lead effective resourcing systems in our schools? (Priority learners, accountability and budgets must be central to your discussion.)


    Effective Resourcing is always a challenging question, because what one person sees as being effective, another person may not.

    For me, it all comes back to the charter. As a community of learners (teachers, students and parents) what are our priorities. Looking at and adapting our annual plan to best meet the needs of our students. Looking at evidence and data, not just making quick decisions because the school up the road has this, or this type of PD looks interesting etc. Facts and data.

    The Charter and Annual plan should direct spending and resourcing.  I believe it comes under two categories..


    1)     What are we wanting to maintain and why?

    2)     What are our two key areas for improvement and why?

    Once this is discussion and a robust self- review taken place. Look at what money, PD, personal is available, what shifts can we make? Is it more important this year to cut back on one budget as it had a large focus last year, in order to increase the budget for resourcing, PD and/or personal in the focus area for this year based on the data?

    Look at what strengths you have on your staff already, often in schools you have teachers who have completed post graduate diplomas in Literacy, or are presenting conferences in a curriculum area yet this talent and skill is underutilised within their current school. What is the most effective way of delivering PD? How effective has our sharing of PD been to date?

    For me, effective management of data should be primarily in these steps:

    • Data/evidence ( this will identify priority students and well as over all areas for development as a school)
    • Goal setting
    • PD for all staff members- additional support such as learning assistants
    • Embedding these practices
    • Self-Review

    If we start from the point of needs then it may be clearer to put the right people in charge of the right budgets, streamline the focus, and get the bigger bang for buck type situation!

  • Angus Maoama Lauagiagi

    Kia ora koutou. I have enjoyed reading the korero everybody has contributed. 

    We have budgets and resourcing in curriculum and staffing. The accountability falls back on the leaders of curriculum and senior management, BOT and the principal.

    In the last month of school there was a huge push in Maori language such as Te Matariki, Te wiki o te Reo Maori. Here’s the big push nation-wide in promoting these initiatives, so my question is in terms of resourcing. How is this nation-wide push reflected in your school resourcing and budgeting?

    For example; recruitment and retaining specialist of Te Reo Maori. Maori PLD. 

  • Angus Maoama Lauagiagi

    I do agree with Spencer that the evidence is in the school charter as well as collated data that drives schools programmes and Professional development. This is effective resourcing. Budgeting and resourcing is money well spent in student achievement. It's about the community and what best suits the school environment.