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TeKids Session 5 and 6 (linked)

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By Kate Dare Comments (1)

This session was flexible as the kids needed more time to work out how the green screening worked. The children were well focused and on task as it was engaging and it was a challenge for them. There was a lot of trial and error and cooperative work in this session. There was still not a lot of collaborative work between schools, but they are becoming more comfortable with interacting with each other. Looking forward to see the development of this learning in the next session and back at school and how they use it for a purpose.

TeKids Session Plan 5


  • Tony Greer

    Todays session followed on from session 5 with the theme of green screening. We had a quick re-visit of the WALT and Success Criteria that the children co-created last time, and a quick run through of the process. Then it was over to the children to create their movie on the topics decided last time (Creative Commons, Search Engines, Open/Closed Questions or TEKids - all previous focii in our sessions).

    The ice breaker saw the children having to talk to one another a lot which was a good start. We noticed that they were helping each other with tasks like script holding and technical issues a lot more freely this time. Inter-school collaboration is now becoming more natural to the children.

    They used problem solving and drew on their prior learning from the previous session. The KC focus of Using Language Symbols and Texts was very evident in the work they were producing.

    Again the time factor played a part - we commented if we could go back for another hour after the break they would all pretty much have it completed!

    The feel in the hall was very focused and the children were engaged throughout the session. It was great to see how they picked up from last time so well considering the four week gap.