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Getting started with comic life

I began the unit on writing recounts using comiclife this morning. I created several pages with  pictures of nouns, verbs, time, and place. I also created a table of useful words. The aim is for students to add the words to the pictures to make up simple sentences. I spend the hour showing the students how to get onto their student emails (3 seperate logins), so we never got to doing the activity. I am hoping this will speed up with practice.

Students seem excited about the process. I am surveying them to get an idea how confident they are on the computer. Some of the new Somalian students have never used the computer before so I have opened the classroom at lunchtimes in the hope they will get more confidence just playing around on their own time.

The class recorded their radio show last week and it was aired yesterday. A podcast is not yet available but should be soon from this url http://plainsfm.org.nz/on-demand/hagley2apr2012/. A lot of work and worry but worth it in the end.

Have also discovered that hotmail and outlook account have a similar service to google docs so I am trialing using it with two class. One to write and save CV's and cover letters and another to do their level 2 language research. Should be interesting once all the kinks are ironed out.