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Digital citizenship - using inquiry to build digital citizenship webinar, 6 June

Digital citizenship - using inquiry to build digital citizenship webinar was a successful event, where principals and their staff from Kuranui and Newmarket Schools shared their journey of developing Digital citizenship. In addition to this, Sean Lyons from NetSafe also shared resources to support schools when implementing and teaching about Digital citizenship.

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Kuranui School:

Kuranui started by sharing their development of Digital citizenship – with shared understandings and stages of development. They presented the models and language used, to help guide their kids towards Digital citizenship. Simple mantra like, “Kura kids are digi-kids and digi-kids are smart kids”, where the word SMART has been broken down into five simple rules for cybersafety. These are then presented around the school - as a reminder of their digital footprint. A lot of this work was based on Hector’s World resource as well as support from the local constable.


Whole-school, deliberate strategic development, has resulted in unified, consistent, clear messages - which has resulted in students becoming more aware of the footprint they leave in the Internet. In additon to this, staff are more proactive about mentoring and monitoring the use of the Internet with their students. Many other positives have also been recognised including, the development of Key Competencies and Home/School partnerships. Parents now feel more comfortable about how their students are accessing the web.


For more, view the reflective summary on Developing a Shared Understanding of Digital Citizenship at Kuranui School


Newmarket School:

Newmarket shared their story, which started from what their kids were already doing online - with some startling results in Bebo. The leadership team then realised that teacher safety and capability was something they needed to address as well.


Throughout this development, there was a reference and reliance on school values, thinking was, that these could be transferrable and developed further online. A programme of development emerged using SuperClubs PlusData was analysed from the first year on the programme and subsequent developments have included the use SOLO Taxonomy to help build appropriate use of sites and rich tools - outside of SuperClubsPlus (Youtube, MyPortfolio, Google apps, Liveedu, mobile devices). This school is constantly planning ways to find a safe way forward digitally, for all of their students.


Further elaboration on this process can be viewed @ http://ictpd-digital-citizenship-and-cybersafety.wikispaces.com/Schools+sharing and http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/35853



Sean Lyons talked about the development of Netsafe resources from cybersafety to digital citizenship concepts. He shared the Netsafe kit, My LGP graph as well as current alignment to the phases within the e-Learning Planning Framework. Keep an eye out for future developments within the Netsafe group in the VLN.


For Twitter commentary during the webinar check out #eTeach and #webinar. For the full recording of this session go to, http://bit.ly/MgempJ


Images taken from Freedigitalphotos and FlickrCC

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