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History, Science youtube channels

During the course of the year I have come across a number of different Youtube channels that could go some way to supporting the secondary curriculum. Unfortunately, I am neither a science specialist nor an historian, nor, for that matter a secondary teacher. So I'd appreciate thoughts from those that are.

The first is entitled Scishow

This particular episode will give you a flavour of the style and content of the channel... if you'll pardon the pun.


The second is entitled Crashcourse

And again this particular episode will give you an idea of the type of material covered.


Neither are written and produced with New Zealand in mind, but I am of the opinion that some of it remains somewhat useful to supporting our students.



  • Anne Kenneally 

    Hey, thanks for the links Simon.  Some of the clips are very entertaining and yes, definitely fun and educational.  I have linked the transit of Venus one for this week!  Will let you know what the learners think of the sites later in the week.

    Anne K

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