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E-portfolio's as reports

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By KathC Comments (3)

I am trialling e-portfolio's in my year 5/6 class. Our school has, for the past 5-6 years, replaced formal written reporting by paper portfolios. These have been an evoling collection of tests, samples, self assessments etc. Now I have been faced with translating this into an online envirnment. I can see that the paper version won't translate directly onto the web but will need to evolve furthur so that we are not just taking the paper version and scanning or photographing it into the digital version. So my question is... Is anyone else using e-portfolio at primary level as a report? How are you balancing the acountability with the different structure and scope of the online environment?


  • Mary St George

    We don't use our e-portfolios as reports at Gifted Online, but we do have them. Most of our students are at primary level. I find the quality of reflection in that environment is the key to them being useful tools. For reporting, the quality of annotation would also be significant. If your e-portfolio system allows tagging, both within the portfolio and to exemplars/benchmark samples, that would be REALLY useful. What platform are you building your e-portfolios on? How will you export them when students leave your school? (I am not happy with our current export provisions.)

  • KathC


    Thanks for your reply. We are currently using Ultranet, an LMS platform. It doesn't currently allow tagging and the like, but there are major updates coming that will allow this and I like your idea about linking to exemplars too. At the moment I am using template with the children that have the success criteria (from national standards, exemplars etc) down the right-hand side and have space for the evidence (self choosen artifacts)and reflection along with a teacher comment.

    Ultranet allows us to export the childrens portfolios intact (but uneditable) to a Cd, or memory stick when they leave our school. What is exciting is that 2 of our local intermediates are also beginning to use Ultranet and there is hope that we will be able to send the childs e-portfolio on to their new school to continue on with. 

    I agree with you about relfecting, and have spent a little time this term working on quality reflecting and commenting. I have looked around for good examples for the kids to try, and I am using a 3 step What, what I learnt, What next, structure to help guide this. I feel my children still need a lot more learning in this area. Do you have any tips or formats that you are using with your children to scaffold reflection?

  • Hazel O'leary


    Is there anybody in the Far North doing e-portfolios? I would really like to learn more about the advantages of e-portfolios?