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A week of voice threading and podcasting

For my literacy this week I used these devices to show the oral  understanding of a book. After my reading assssments last week I found that  two of my reading groups struggled with the comprehension questions.

One of these  groups is my Samoan reading group. For the last 3 years, I have grouped my Pasifika children in my class as a reading and writing group and integrate culturally responsive texts and subjects.  I knew that making meaning was an area of concern but now I have great of oral data to back this up. This is now my inquiry baseline.

I trialled podcasting with my Afghan EAL group and for the first time a new entrant girl spoke!!!! I can only infer the  podcasting  is less threatening than videoing which I have done in the past!!!

I used  podcasting with my fluent reading group of four year 4s who are reading at 11yr plus. We adapted the story 'There was an old lady' to explain the story of the Lorax (which is our focus for the term). The discussions and final results were great. I definitely recommend this. As an avid iMovie user, I found podcasting with Garageband to be less time consuming and it gave a better result for the intended task!!!