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Using Comic Life with a buddy class

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By Anne Ditcher

My Year 7/8 class have a buddy year 1/2 class. One ICT activity we have done is to make an alphabet book. Each Year 7/8 had a Year 1/2 buddy and were given one letter of the alphabet. Each pair had to brainstorm things whose name starts with their letter, go and take a photo of at least 6 of these things, download the photos into Picasa, transfer to ComicLife and add text. I didn't allow them to use clipart unless they were really desperate. Fast finishers got another letter so that we were able to cover all letters A-Z.

Allo children really enjoyed this activity and found it easy to use ComicLife. Although the classes were not straight ESOL ones, each has several ELLs and the activity could be adapted to a wide range of learners. Below are some example pages:  

Letter G Letter T Letter V