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By Glen Comments (7)

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding during the upgrade process. We extensively tested the upgrade before proceeding, but a couple of unforseen issues arose with links once it ran against the live data. These issues should all now be fixed.

This was a 'major' upgrade to the system - most future upgrades and additions of functionality will not entail this level of disruption and will mostly happen without you noticing.

Thanks again from the VLN support team.


  • Annemarie Hyde

    Thanks for putting up with the panic and frustration from some of us (well, me) ... you did wellSmile

  • Karen Spencer

    ..and thank YOU for keeping us all informed about what was going on, and being open to people's suggestions and feedback:-)

  • Suzie Vesper

    Thanks Glen. I just have a few more issues if this is the place to share them. I can't seem to find the help discussions as easily now. When I click 'More Groups' under my list of groups in my Dashboard, it says 'Page not found'.

    I also had put in additional CSS to my group themes and this seems to be having no effect now. See this group: /groups/profile/663816/improving-the-outcomes-for-english-learners-through-ict

    Finally, in that same group, a Group Content page isn't displaying in the navigation despite having set it to display. If I change the display order to '2' then it does appear but doesn't seem to want to if I choose '3'. I've left it on '3' so you can see the problem:


    I'm liking the new look!

  • Suzie Vesper

    And one more little thing. I've changed the navigation display text on this Group Content page to say 'Software for Learning' overview instead of 'Software Overview' but it keeps reverting it back. I've tried it twice in a row to be sure I wasn't doing something silly. Thanks!


  • Hayden Shaw

    Hi Suzie. 

    'More groups' link is now fixed.

    Unfortunately the extra CSS in your theme is not valid anymore due to the underlying HTML of the VLN getting a major rework in the upgrade.  The id's and classes you are calling will have to updated too match the new html :-).

    Thanks for letting us know about the Group Content problems, think it maybe solved now - give it a whirl and email help@vln.school.nz if you still don't think it's working correct for you. 

  • Breda Matthews

    Hi Glenn,

       I am still unable to track down any of the discussion for the ESOL group run by jenni bedford including this message /discussion/view/496290?orderby=latest Do you have any suggestions.


    Kind regards


  • Suzie Vesper

    Thanks for all of that Hayden. Things seem to have returned to normal with Group Content :)