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Case studies and news from the newsfeed on BYOD

Some useful readings for background and help inform decisions in your school about BYOD initiatives:

Smarter use of home devices - from the Sydney Morning Herald, with an interesting case study from and Australian School that picks up on the range of things that need to be considered when a school ventures into the BYOD(T) space. 

Proponents say schools that have adopted BYOT are experiencing better outcomes from a more personalised education and enhanced engagement between the home and school. But words such as equity and access keep cropping up.

Pupils given a taste of tablets in exams - interesting article from the UK about a school that has tackled the bogey of laptops in exams. Interesting to note the "conservatist optimism" (aka a bob each way) reflected in some of the quotes:

A spokesman for Ofqual said: “Any innovation that can make assessment more in keeping with the way children learn and access information is a positive thing. But we need to make sure that innovation does not come at the cost of the quality, security and standards.”

I also wonder at the thinking behind this quote:

“My only concern is there is potential for skills to be lost – that ability to handwrite and flesh out arguments on paper, for example.”

The nuts and bolts of an iPad classroom - useful case study with illustrations and explanations of how this primary school manages the provision of iPads in a classroom context - addresses issues of storage, re-charging etc. 

It would be interesting to see some NZ-based case studies emerge rom this group that could be useful in explaining the approaches taken to some of the issues highlighted through the links above.