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VLN offline 4pm - 5pm Monday 28 May

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By Glen Comments (6)


In order to upgrade the underlying system that runs the VLN Groups the system needs to be taken offline between 4pm and 5pm on Monday 28 May. 

The good news is that this upgrade also brings two new features that many have been asking for:

  • More descriptive subject lines in email notifications
  • The ability to follow the links in email notifications even if you are not currently logged in

In order to make the framework more standards compliant the layout structure has been completely changed. One downside to this is that any personal themes that you have created will be lost during the upgrade, and you will need to re-implement them after the upgrade is complete. Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes. 

The VLN Support Team


  • Suzie Vesper

    That's good to know. Off to copy and save some html coding snippets from my themes :)

  • sansam

    Guessing you are meaning Monday 28th May.

  • Glen

    Doh - yes - 28 May!

  • Chris Jager

    Hi Glen

    Have just had a call from a cluster that was already online and working on their reflective summary when the server went offline at 4pm - tried to save after the server had gone offline only to find that they could neither save nor get back to what they had entered. Is there any chance of recovering their work??


  • Glen

    HI Chris

    Sorry, we did our best to put out plenty of notes about the server going offline at 4pm today. Unfortunately there is no way of recovering this as it would never have made it to the server and will now be lost from their browser cache. A good practice would be to get clusters to type up these summaries in an offline word doc and then copy and paste once completed - otherwise you put yourself at risk of loss of data from telecoms outages as well as scheduled upgrades.


  • Chris Jager

    OK thanks Glen - guess it was worth a try. I do like the new look and feel.