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Mathletics Year 7 & 8

I have worked with two of our year 7 teachers to assist with integrating Mathletics in their mathematics programme. As both teachers are new to using Mathletics we covered a number of the features available in the teachers centre. We looked at grouping students, how to show/ hide mathematical strands, assigning tasks, restricting levels in the LIVE section, the use of workbooks and how points, certificates and gold bars are gained.

I also showed the students how to use the many tools available to them to help solve mathematical problems. We looked at using the following: the concept section using the animated dictionary and the concept search, how to use the support window and to change the level of difficulty, we also looked at the hall of fame to motivate the students to complete activities for homework.

I will show the teachers how to use the problem solving section, the blog and the games section, so that they can introduce these areas to their students.