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BYOD Agreement

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By David Rankin

Have been working on a BYOD agreement for school. Have come up with this draft so far - taking pieces from others I have found to morph my own.

Thanks to others who have helped.

I would welcome any comments.


Student Owned Devices

I would like my child to bring their own digital device to school for use in the classroom learning programme. I understand

 □  All devices brought to school are my child’s responsibility and the insurance for the device is my responsibility.

 □  That teachers will provide a locked cupboard in which my child may place their device when not in use. If my child does not use this facility then the school holds no responsibility for any loss or damage which might occur.

□  All devices must arrive at school each day fully charged and that my child may bring a charger for use during the day if required. However charging will be on a limited basis and is up to teacher discretion.

□  Devices brought to school are for the use of my child and they will not physically share their devices with other students. They will only to be used under adult supervision

□   Rules, including the cyber-safety policies, governing the use of any school-owned digital device will apply to student-owned devices, while they are at school, including adherence to the Copyright act.

□  Students are not permitted to transmit or post photographic images/videos of any person at school on public and/or social networking sites.

□  Students realise that printing from personal devices will not be permitted at school.

□  Students must comply with the teachers’ request to shut down or close the screen. Devices must be in silent mode and put away when asked by teachers.

□  The school retains the right to collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or being in breach of the BYOD guidelines and/or cyber safety policy.


Please remember that the use of personal devices to support the educational experience is not a necessity but a privilege. When rules are abused, this privilege will be taken away.


I understand and will abide by the above BYOD guidelines and Cyber safety Policy. I also understand that any breach of these policies may result in the loss of my privilege and further disciplinary action by the school.