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Voice Tools

A great workshops sharing voice tools which have a variety of uses in the Primary classroom right through from New Entrants to Year 6. We covered:

  • voice recorder - a standard tool on windows pcs found in accessories
  • vocaroo - simply records sound for you to email or embed the recording
  • fotobabble - record sound to go with a photograph
  • voicethread - record more than one sound track on a photo or a series of pictures - there is also a tool for doodling on your pictures
  • voki - create you own avatar and voice it by typing text or by recording yourself - embed or email the recording

It was great to have the time to explore some of these tools and to think of ways that we can use them in our classrooms for both class and homework. 

Thanks to Paula Jamieson for creating the Green for Go wiki with instructions for each of the sites we mentioned in our workshop

Karen and Danielle