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Integrating iPads in the Junior School

iPads seem to be the device of the moment, and with several of our schools in the cluster purchasing iPads, it seemed timely to have a bit of a play and introduction to what they can do and how they can be integrated into your daily programme.

The first part of the session was spent finding our way around and a few tips and tricks for saving battery power, purchasing of apps etc.

Next we discussed planning for the iPads and using them to enhance the learning of target groups and some tips for management in the classroom.

The fun came next when we explored a few of my favourite apps and discussed ways that these could be used in the classroom programme.

I had a report from one of the teachers in one school that said "can't get my hands on the iPads today the junior teachers have come back and booked them out and using them in class today and have a list of apps for me to purchase".  I guess that is a good measurement of a

successful workshop!  Laughing    Here's the presentation used to support the workshop.