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Blogging - On the Way (Michelle Brown, Lynda Allen)

Blogging in plain english is the tool we can use to encourage conversations, feedback, celebration and sharing of work between children, staff, parents, communities, nationally and internationally. In our workshop we covered the use of kidpix, paint or other drawing programmes with children in writing to save as jpegs to insert on our blog just like a picture. We discussed the belief in needing to publish unedited work by children to show progress just like we do in children's writing books. We discussed the next step of children recording themselves over the top of their story and uploading as a movie. There is such a variety of ways to make blog posts and getting student voice can be achieved by voicethread, photobooth, photostory and many more. Picture trail, Photopeach and smilebox are all ways of making slideshows. There was a handout about how to comment on blogs and a letter home to parents explaining about what a blog is - both handout examples shared within our workshop. We discussed the need for settings on our blogs to be set for anonymous to be able to comment so parents/viewers are not restricted and it is easier for them to access the ability to leave comments. The more blogging you do, the easier and faster it gets. Have fun blogging. Look forward to seeing many more blogs to comment on in the magpie cluster Smile



blog letter.doc

How to Comment on a Blog.pdf





  • sansam

    Thanks for stepping up and taking this workshop for the Cluster.  It is great to see blogging spreading across the schools in the cluster and even some quad blogging groups getting started.

    The key is to get the parents interested and educate them on commenting so it stays alive.  It also helps teachers to keep motivated and blogs updated!  We had the school disco last week and I took some photos of the kids in my class on my iPhone and straight away they said " will you put them on the blog?" .  I thought that was gorgeous coming from the mouths of 5 year olds!Smile