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Decramming our own curriculum/ learning as professionals in a professional learning community

I am excited about using the  inquiry model we adopted, after three years of action research, to facilitate our students' learning for our own professional learning in our appraisal process.  It will provide a way of supporting any new staff to understand our Mokoia way, which is closely linked to our vision.  I haven't been as good about supporting new staff to understand our eveolving practice as I could have benn before.  I'm hoping this will also help us to better understand the process from the learner's point of view so we can improve the way we scaffold for our students.  Thanks to Annemarie and Liana who suggested and crystallised the yes let's do it process respectively.


  • Trevor Bond

    Hi .... Welcome to VLN, I look forward to having a look at the model you are using at some stage!