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Discuss at your LC meeting what has been successful blended e-Learning for you and your students.List on minutes. - Goal 3

At staff meeting I asked our learning centres to share how they used digital tools and blended e-Learning effectively in their classrooms.

From each Learning Centre's minutes, 15 May 2012:


  • Pod available from library, book through Gail.
  • Blended e-learning;
  • W4- science fair, research data on computer, digital camera for results into portfolio, publishing
  • W3 – integrated reading small groups using programs such as Ziptales, maths – Sumdog, research and publishing, small group laptop groups using language skills in research options. Problem solving in operating a computer.
  • W2 to complete more in-depth



  • All classes -Research – Website Search engines for topic study
  • Publishing work
  • P1 still establishing class blog
  • W2 children assisting P2 to create class/individual blogs
  • P4 - Integrated into curriculum, check out two or three websites to critique for homework
  • P3 - Maths/Literacy websites to reinforce new learning



Writing/blended e-learning

  • K1 -  Steve has introduced Google Sketchup which several students are using to help their presentations.  Google Search is used for researching purposes.  Movie-maker has been used as a presentation tool, as has a site called xtranormal.com where the students create animations to represent themselves and can record their voices to act as an interview.
  • K3 -  Students using NZ Maths site for Maths games and activities. Google Search Engine to research shapes and definitions. Google is used for Maths, Reading, Writing, Research.

Images used to stimulate  writing.

  • K4 -  UK Primary resources.co.uk for e-resources.

DOGO News: an on-line children’s news site. Children engaging with the news more.

Images are used for writing; evocative photos to create discussion.