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Reporting to the Community - Goal 4

From Principal's report - 28 November 2011

"ICT PD Contract

Mrs Hyde has worked on the reflective section of the milestone report with her co-facilitator and will upload this to the VLN site as required.  The reflective section is shared with other scools aroud the country and is an indication of some of what the cluster has achieved.  She has also contributed her thoughts to the variation document (an update of cluster goals and the ways in which we intend to meet them)

I have met with Mr Walker (we are co-directors of the project) and the national facilitator and I will complete the variation and the budget for 2012 by next week.  These constitute the other section of milestone reporting.

The active presence of Principals on the VLN will be expected from next year.  i have already joined and Mrs Hyde will teach me some of the processes I can use to be an active participant."

From Principal's report - 28 February 2012

ICT PD Contract

  • Every third staff professional learning meeting this year has an ICT/blended e learning in writing focus
  • Our variation has been approved by the Ministry of Education
  • I have met with Mr Walker (we are co-directors) our outgoing national facilitator Mrs Sturgess and our new national facilitator, Mr Bond.
  • All 4 principals and the two facilitators will meet in March to detail an action plan for the year from the actions section of our variation.  Our foci are

-      digital citizenship.  Students (and teachers) will learn through an inquiry into cybersafety.  Cybersafety was one of our discussion points at our professional learning call back day before school began.

-        improving pedagogy by growing confidence in blended e learning (there is some anecdotal evidence that this may better engage Maori boys, especially when it enables group construction, for instance, of a piece of writing)

-        our across the school blended e learning in writing intention is to support classroom teachers to maintain a class blog and to consider each child having their own blog. The rationale for this is that for children to have a real audience for their writing is motivating and so achievement in writing will improve.  Mrs Hyde and I are discussing the need for (if any) and mechanisms of monitoring the student blogs

-        this development will also support the focus of engaging whanau and community"