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Using Digital Tools to Capture Student Voice

I taught the Tech Wizards about capturing student voice. 

We discussed how interviews are taken on TV: points like keep to short and sharp, head and shoulder shots, having a practice run.  Then the TWs went out into the field - literally - to collect student ideas about why we commemorate ANZAC Day.  The real context was that this would be shown at assembly. 

I modelled using MovieMaker Live to create a video sequence of their student voice. We discovered that we had to download it first, and we put it into the applications drive.  They discovered that they didn't have permission to download or add the application without the administrator password; this led to further discussion about why this safe guard might need to be in place in a school.

With Moviemaker in place, the next step is experimenting.  The finished videos - and we are not there yet - will be uploaded into Vimeo.  That will involve more talk about formats which reduce the size of the video because the more the megabytes, the slower the upload - especially when there is a lot of pressure on our wireless system.

The TWs will then move onto using embed codes on their blogs!