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Lessons from a first year of BYOD(T)

Interesting, quick to read post from Carol Mortensen at MyWeb4Ed titled First 5 Lessons Learned In Our First Year Of BYOT. In the post Carol describes the 5 key lessons she has learned, reflecting her first 12 months with a BYOD(T) programme at Deer Park High School in Texas.

Her list reads:

  1. Get administration on board
  2. Do your homework
  3. Form a campus BYOT cadre
  4. Build a carefully considered BYOT acceptable use policy
  5. Squash the idea that BYOT is only project-based

You can read the whole post for more detail on these thoughts

With the upcoming one-day conference on BYOD at Orewa College about to start, it could be a good time to begin gathering ideas from those in NZ who have been down the track a little while with BYOD in their schools. What would be your "Five Lessons" that you'd want to pass on to others?