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Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

Animation made using PowerPoint at workshop

Last week, nine St James’ teachers attended a workshop run by Lyn Ross as part of the professional development offered to support teachers entering the Manawatu Digi Awards. This workshop focused on creating stop-motion animations using PowerPoint. During the session teachers captured images using digital cameras and imported images into PowerPoint. Teachers then used their prior knowledge to add slide timings and music to their animations. How to add slide timings and add music to slide shows was addressed earlier this term in a staff meeting led by myself (the ICT Lead Teacher).

It was positive to see teachers making connections with and referring to prior professional development. It showed the effectiveness of the previous professional development, but also highlighted aspects that teachers needed to refresh themselves with, as well as the importance of revisiting new learning to ensure it is embedded. Having completed professional development around PowerPoint as a whole staff (with teachers taking their development to different levels depending on their own ICT skills) has allowed teachers to support each other more effectively, without the need to rely solely on the ICT Lead Teacher.

As the focus for our TeKids Morning Tea and Lunchtime support sessions has also been on PowerPoint, the wider school, not only the teachers, have developed their knowledge around this programme.


  • Mary Rivers

    Sounds like a fantastic session Kate. We are very lucky to be able to connect with so many opportunities that have come about because we are a part of an ICT PD cluster. I would love to see what some of the teachers in our cluster do with this now - can you add some links to your blogs when they have done something in their rooms?