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Digital Citizenship Professional Reading reflection LT's. NetSafe.

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By Tony Greer

Key Issues emerging- timely reading particularly for older children and their skills/access/ability that may not necessarily have the citizenship values, start with the protection and gradually teach them to protect themselves - remove the scaffolding. Educators need to increase their own capablilites. 

Writers View matching our experiences/beliefs - we all could relate to incidents where innappropriate material has come up in a school setting - although responsibility for school management to provide safety eg filters, these will never catch everything so that's where education comes in. Education for parents is also an important aspect so the home environments promote digital citizenship. 

Confirmation of good 21st Century practice - actually shows that we have gaps within our digital citizenship programmes - we need to address these issues within our schools. 

Challenge our Teaching Practice - Yes - another 'thing to do' however this needs to be effectively integrated into our e-learning within school. What are the possible outcomes for children if we don't educate them effectively? This question is vital to pose to teachers when discussing the topic.  

Use ideas/take further - as lead teachers we need to provide the reading to staff, discuss and provide support to assess where the school is at and how to effectively integrate digital citizenship into all learning.