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Reflection Session 4




Got to learn something new

It was fun

Got to think about new ideas

Got to be creative

Exploring different things

Try out the Green-screening

Using past skills

How to get rid of the background

Learnt how to do different things on the camera


There were software issues

Trouble loading photos

Not enough time, due to software issues

Thinking about the background, decision making.

User issues and patience

Taking care with the pictures

Thinking about how to save files

Got to have some fun with the computer

Learning how to animate

Seeing other people’s ideas

Got to learn some new things about other people

There was a lot of humour in today.

We would like to learn how to use green screening on video.


The kids really enjoying learning about a new tool.  Only one of the students had used green-screening before. 

Students were very pro-active in this session and finding out how to use the tools.  They enjoyed playing and finding out about the tools.

We had an issue with St James not having a recent version of powerpoint.  We need to be aware of everyone's software and hardware in the future.

Students showed good problem solving and getting the task completed. Some students were able to effectively link their images with the inquiry topic, which was a challenge that we set for them.

We revisited CC's and how to make sure their images were able to be used.

Some of the finished images were very powerful. The LT's will take the students work which we got them to save as wmv files and upload to youtube which we can then embed onto the blog page.

Our next session will be extending greenscreening into video.

Te Kids Session 4