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Posted on behalf of the Ministry of Education:


Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Talofa ni, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Kia orana, Namaste, Ni sa bula vinaka, Halo ola keta, Mauri, Greetings

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs are inviting you to share your views about how we can further raise participation, engagement and achievement in education for all Pasifika learners.

We are consulting on the new Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017 and we need your views. We need to know what is working well for Pasifika students, what needs to change and what we need to do better.

Overall, educational achievement among Pasifika learners has improved over the past three years. Many of our targets in the current Pasifika Education Plan have been achieved, such as increased participation in early childhood education (ECE) and improved NCEA results overall. But we still have a lot of work to do to ensure Pasifika students are given the opportunity to succeed and reach their potential.

The Government wants young Pasifika people to gain an education that gives them the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to society and live full lives. In particular, the Government wants:

  • increased participation in quality ECE to 98%
  • continued improvement in literacy and numeracy achievement across all levels of education
  • more learners to achieve NCEA Level 2 or an equivalent qualification
  • improved attendance as a foundation for engagement in learning
  • emphasis on the importance of Pasifika identities, languages and cultures
  • full implementation of Youth Guarantee for Pasifika learners and the creation of pathways for success
  • Pasifika learners acquiring skills essential to the future New Zealand workforce. 

Our vast and vibrant Pasifika population makes an amazing contribution to New Zealand society and culture. Pasifika communities are diverse, they are young and they are growing. The success of young Pasifika people is critical to the success of our society and our economy.



How to provide feedback - full information on how to take part, and attend the community meetings around New Zealand, is available on the Ministry of Education website: a href="How%20to%20provide%20feedback%20-%20full%20information%20on%20how%20to%20take%20part,%20and%20attend%20the%20community%20meetings%20around%20New%20Zealand,%20is%20available%20on%20the%20Ministry%20of%20Education%20website:%20http://www.minedu.govt.nz/NZEducation/EducationPolicies/PasifikaEducation/PEP2013Consultation/HaveYourSay.aspx

We urge you to take part in shaping the Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017. If you have any enquiries please contact pasifikaunit@minedu.govt.nz