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iPads vs laptops and other links...

Some links that may be of interest to members of this group for the week...

iPads vs laptops - a useful post comparing the features of iPads vs laptops for those who are deciding which will provide the better functionality. Of course, this comparison is made only from the technical point of view. There are still considerations to be made from a usability and pedagogical point of view which aren't referenced in this article.

How 1:1 is making school more real - a useful list from one teacher on the benefits of students having access to their own device - would be interesting to see what other points might be added from members of this list - use the comments below to add your thoughts. 

7 Ways To Keep Students Focused While Using Technology - another useful list tha could form the basis of something you could add to or re-purpose. The basic message here again - learning should be authentic and linked to a learner's own experience. Bored students get distracted, on-task students use their distractions as a part of the learning process. 

50 resources for iPad use in the classroom - yet another list to hide away for a rainy day - plenty of excellent links and resources hidden away here - don't forget to use the comments below to tell others of the 'gems' you find amongs this list, and  how they've been useful to you.