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Information Literacy Skills

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By Jacqui Frost

The Information Fluency Meeting and our lead teacher meeting have forced me question what our students think and what we take for granted that they know.  My generation grew up with encyclopaedias and talking to ‘experts’ to source information.  We have watched the internet evolve into a source of information. We have seen it created and taken part in making it the tool it is today.  We forget that for our students is has always been a part of their life.  That they don’t question the authenticity of information or the motives behind the search engines. This has led us to question the students about what they inherently believe about some of our tools and to challenge some their thinking.  This is enabling them to think in a more critical manner and not just take things at face value. (I am aware that this is something that we need to apply to all our students understanding, don’t take for granted that the students know something). Triangulation is a big part of this and some of the learning around this has been really useful.