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Te Kids Leadership

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By Jacqui Frost

The TeKids have been active in their teaching other students by holding lunchtime tutorial sessions. We have made the expectations about their learning and sharing explicit and informed their caregivers of these expectations.  By making the TeKids more accountable in requiring them to actively share their learning we have seen them step up to become leaders and not just learners. The planning of these sessions for the TeKids has at times been challenging as they have had to be reasonably independent in this and for some this was a big step to take. However this has led to them being more aware of their own capabilities and I think sometimes they have been surprised about how much they can teach to others.  The incidental learning involved in their planning and public speaking skills and confidence to undertake these challenges has been particularly impressive to see.   These lunchtime tutorials have had positive impacts on other students too by allowing students to participate in these.  Empowering those that are truly interested in ICT and E-learning by encouraging their involvement they are taking their learning back to the classroom and in turn are also becoming leaders.

The students have become enthusiast users of different search engines and have a greater awareness of the ways that advertisers use these engines.