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This term the Mantar Cluster has introduced e-shares as a way of sharing good e-learning practice across the Cluster.

E-shares are workshops where e-learning practice is shared by teachers. One school hosts and a number of teachers share each time. The title of the workshops is shared prior to the event and teachers sign up the event which they wish to attend.

In Term 1 the workshops were:

  • Effective Writing Practice using ICT
  • Why inquiry?
  • Literacy & ICT
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Eric Fragenheim's Thinking Routines

One example of how these e-shares have had a positive impact on teacher's e-learning practice at St James' is the use of e-learning to stimulate creative writing. Ideas around this were shared in the 'Effective Writing Practice using ICT' workshop. The link below shows piece of writing complete by a Year 4 from a digital photo stimulus. Children in this class have become much highly motivated by the use of e-learning stimuli for writing. Writing has improved in quantity and quality.



  • Tony Greer

    An example of how the e-Shares have had a positive impact on teacher's practice, from the same e-Share workshop mentioned above, at Somerset can be seen in the following class blog link. This particular workshop fitted perfectly with our school-wde focus on writing at the time! 


    A year 5/6 teacher integrated e-Learning and ICT motivation into the writing programme by initally letting the children watch part of a humourous YouTube clip (see 'Simon's Cat Fly Guy' in the link). The clip was paused part way through and the children were encouraged to write their prediction of what they thought was going to happen next.

  • Sophia Douglas

    The staff at Terrace End School found the E-Shares to have has a positive impact on their practice. The ability to see things in action in small group settings was a powerful way to learn for ou teachers. It was user friendly way for our teachers to gain more ideas and skills in
    using ICT in the classroom.

    Examples of how the e-learning workshops have positively impacted teacher’s practice can be
    seen below. Two classes from different levels have adopted ideas from the ‘Effective Writing Practice using ICT’ workshop to encourage children to write more. The more senior class had a question displayed on the screen such as ‘Should lollies be allowed at school’ which allowed children freedom to give opinions. The junior class displayed a picture chosen from the internet which children described. This is evident below. Google docs has also been adopted for children requiring extension as is evident in the link below. This was very effective as the ability and ease to add comments was very effective. An example can be found on the link below.

    Evidence to be added...




  • Sophia Douglas

    Here is the work of year 2 children responding to the above picture.

  • Sophia Douglas

    Unfortunately I have not been able to add the google docs as the student has not allowed it to be shared.:)