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Basic Facts Afternoon

On Friday all classes held Basic Facts afternoon where parents were invited to visit their child’s classroom and learning around basic facts. The aim of this session was to give parents ideas (appropriate to stage) to support their child’s basic facts learning at home in ‘fun’ ways. This included sharing the basic facts e-learning the children have been doing. In the middle and senior teams, teachers have been using the NZ Maths Digital Learning Objects and www.studyladder.co.nz to support basic facts learning. Children have been accessing these at home. Students in Room 3 have even been requesting new tasks.

To increase the parent turn out to this event each child wrote a personalised invitation to their parents. The turn out in all classes was good, with an average of 15 parents per room. Feedback from parents was positive with parents commenting that they had gained some good ideas for supporting their child’s learning. Photos and videos from the afternoon were shared on the St James’ Facebook page to allow parents who could not attend to share in the afternoon (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=182349305151863&oid=209913949027338&comments). All families (even if they didn’t attend the afternoon) also received a pack with different activities to support basic fact learning at different stages. These ideas included e-learning activities.


  • Mary Rivers

    Fantastic idea Kate and great to see it so well supported. This seems like a much more productive way to connect with families and answer the questions we often get asked at those 10 second 'after school grab the teacher' sessions we get bailed up for, or at student led conferences. I imagine the children really enjoyed having their parents/whanau involved in their classrooms too. How often will you do this?

  • Shelley Muston

    What a great idea! Particularly as the children can 'teach' their parents - it's good for them to see their parents as learners, too.