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Reflection TeKids Session T2 Wk9

This session was run by two Terrace End students who presented on animating in Power Point. The children were engaged in the session and t were buzzing and enthusiastic about it afterwards. This is a presentation these two students will be presenting at the Feilding Cluster student led conference this Friday. This session allowed these students to practice for this presentation and they got CRC (commend, recommend, commend) feedback from the other students to support this process.

This is the second session with our changed format - most noted improvements have been:

* children more engaged

* more in depth and relevant feedback throught the PMI format

* sessions more manageable for the children and they are able to complete an activity within the session

* children enjoying the topics

* learning embedded within the tools - inquiry based

* children were more creative and were bringing prior learning to it and are in a more problem solving framework

* great to see children who had knowledge sharing this more - not just the children who presented but the children who had expertise in other aspects that came into this session eg using Paint

We discussed today the need to develop more independence, problem solving and support by the students with each other. Less teacher input as the children are still very reliant on their Lead Teacher. We would like to move to the next phase where we, as LTs, make ourselves less unavailable during the session so that the children are encouraged to take risks, solve problems and work together to complete the tasks. We will need to support them with asking appropriate questions such as 'how can you solve that?', 'who else could you ask?' At present the students are still relying quite heavily on teacher support, guidance and problem solving.

Term three TeKids sessions are booked for weeks 3, 6 and 9.  A focus on integrating student input into presenting as much as is practical and relevant. These sessions will need to lead to prepare for the final presentation/show case in term 4. One suggestion is that students present on the day but also run mini workshops on a rotation basis. Suggested workshops were Prezi, Spicy Nodes, Power point animation, voice thread and stop motion animation.

Week 3 - stop motion animation - run by Somerset Cres

Week 6 - voice thread - run by St James

Week 9 - revision and preparation for end of year showcase.