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AOK TeKids

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By Maria

We have now extended the time we give to TeKids each Friday.  Today we started with a planning time where we discussed the brief for today's session.  This was valuable, I was able to go through the specifics and students were able to ask questions before the session started.  We also discussed the theme for the following week.  Today's session was about leaving blog comments on the class blog sites.  In their brief they had an outline of what reflective comments might look like.  We then had time to set up the P.C.'s in each classroom before their sessions started.  This was very positive, but even with all of this planning we had a problem with the server going slow, and the tools on the blogs loaded at a snail pace!  We will revisit reflective comments on blogs, there were some comments made but not as many as we would have liked.  At the end of the session our TeKids reflected on this session http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/Aokautere+School