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Five Year Old's Reflecting on Their Learning

Eighteen months ago we began blogging for the first time.  We bumbled our way through the first six months, finding our feet.  We had a clear vision of what we wanted this to look like.  Our Senior students took ownership of their blog from the beginning and this was the hope for all of our classes.  For our Junior classes their were many barriers, mostly due to students being able to independently comment on blogs and navigate themselves around them during normal class time.  We started off with afternoon sessions of looking at the class blog and me (classroom teacher) scribing their comments into the blog for students.  This was never going to be completely satisfactory.  My next step was to create a shortcut to the blog on the desktop so that students could go straight to the blog and take a look.  This has needed time and I have found that students have gradually taken to looking on the blog.  One of the successes for this has been Youtube clips that show what we are currently Inquiring about.  We have a few excellent readers in our class and it is these students who are now independently commenting on the blog.  One student was taught and then he has taught two other students.  http://mdacre.edublogs.org/2011/06/23/room-7-commenting-and-reflecting-on-their-own-learning/


  • Mary Rivers

    It is great to see what you are achieving with your five year olds. It is one area of the school that it is too easy to be 'too busy' teaching the 'basics' to incorporate ICT. You are proving that the opposite is the case - fantastic - there are many teachers who could learn a lot from what you are doing.