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Keys and Hats Staff Meeting

Staff meeting this week was based around the second thinking workshop we had with Lyn Ross focussing on the Hats and the Keys. Teachers are all aware of these tools and use/have used them to varying degrees in their classrooms. This staff meeting was an opportunity to take another look at them both and offer some practical classroom ideas and resources. Hopefully this will allow teachers to reflect on how they use them and maybe add more depth and focus to their implementation in class. Started off with a quick "Prezi" presentation http://prezi.com/o4ezt4sdqazr/keys-and-hats/ to get the ball rolling (and also to introduce this web 2.0 tool to staff which was introduced at the last TEKids day.). Following that I showed two examples of how I had used the Thinkers Keys and also the Hats recently in the classroom I teach in the afternoons. We discussed the ideas that children came up with and unpacked how their thinking could lead on to fantastic, creative writing and also how their thinking can be extended by taking one idea and building on it. The importance of not flooding kids with a whole lot of activities but to introduce them and develop good understanding of the individual components of these tools was stressed.  Within the next two staff meetings we will use some reflection time to feedback on one way staff have used either the keys or hats within their class programmes. 


  • Mary Rivers

    We have also found these sessions with Lyn hugely valuable. Introducing the thinkers keys was very beneficial and despite the fact there are quite a few of them (a bit daunting at first sight to the uniniatiated) they were well received. I have since made up keys for all staff, and given them some guidelines. We have no set plans as to how these will be used but they will be revisted during ICT staff meetings.

  • Tony Greer

    Following on from the last comment in my initial post, we had some relection on Tuesday of what teachers had done in class re the Hats and/or Keys. Some great honest reflections came forth - especially one teacher who commented on how well she had set the lesson up and thought the kids were going to fire, but said it was a disaster and they were way off the topic - time to go back and scaffold some more of the thinking skills required!! Staff bought along some evidence of the childrens thinking - great to see not all of it was "prettied up" just to look fancy - just raw and real ideas and children's thoughts scribbled down at the time - evidence of the thinking as it happened! This also gives the teacher and learners good proof and teaching points for next step development.  ( a link will follow with some evidence of the work being done...)

  • Tony Greer

     Hats and Keys pic.docx - link from above comment - didn't realise you couldn't edit a comment, only the original post Embarassed We're all learners here!!