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A visit from Mary, our facilitator

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By Maria

Today Mary came to spend some time with us all.  Mary spoke to our teachers individually. We saw today as a sharing day, where our teachers could share what they are doing, where they have come from and where they would like to go next.  Our teachers were keen to share and in particular about our TeKids programme.  Both our students and our teachers are positive about this programme and we all see the benefits from the time and effort we have all put in to make this a success.  It was heartening to see our new staff member sharing what she has already achieved in such a short period.  For me, as LT I found today to be reaffirming.  It was an opportunity to show the collegiality we all share with each other and how important it is to support each other on any learning journey.  Our school motto is "Letting Kids be Kids" and this is reflected in our classrooms, playgrounds and in ICT.  Our students have had the opportunity to play, to work through the novelty stage of a new 'tool' and then they apply this new knowledge to their learning - this is afterall how children learn best! Smile