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Whanau Homework Afternoon


On Thursday 2 June we held our Whanau Homework afternoon. This was in resopnse to the initial community consultation we held at the start of the year where the good ol' topic of homework reared it's head!

A fantastic number of parents turned up and were engaged in the activities and discussions with their children and teachers. Classrooms were set up with children taking part in a variety of homework based activities so parents could see what individual teachers expectations were and discuss this with them. E-learning was on display with IWB's showing suitable activities whanau who have internet can participate in. Other ideas about how parents could help at home were reiterated and practical examples of games and activities were on display with the children explaining a lot of what they were doing. Comments from parents were encouraging, along the lines of how simple some of the ideas were and that they could easily do that at home! Perfect!!

Approximately 50-60 whanau tunrned up so it was a great success, not too much extra organisation for staff as it ran from 2.15 till the end of school and was followed up with a shared afternoon tea. Next steps are to run similar afternoons (maybe evenings) relating specifically to literacy and numeracy.

Some more photos and a link to the inital plan can be seen at http://mantar.wikispaces.com/Somerset+Cres+3+and+4