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If there was ever a journey with learners that 'shook my tree' since I began my teaching career - this is it! Sandie feels the same way. It's title ended up being called - Little Boxes - a learning journey outside the square. Having presented workshops at ULearn Christchurch in October 2010, then L@S Rotorua February 2011 and presenting to the King Country Cluster in the last holiday break April 2011. Both Sandie and I have "shelved" the presentation side of it. Sorry to the Coalface Cluster, as I know there have been some who were interested in finding out more about it. There are links on the coalface wikisite to a Prezi presentation and it's also written up in here, under Coalface Resources. In the VLN I hope to share some reflections about what the learning journey achieved.  


  • donnady

    Hi Rob,

    Whaaaat - We don't get to see the presentation in full  ??? I think we need a cluster Poll in here - some collegial pressure is probably needed LOL. ALSO when do we hear more about "Discovery Days" @ Tahuna ??? ( Just another exciting innovation from the people who brought us "The Cardboard Community" ;)

     I talked to Sandie yesterday and thought the concept was terrific - Great example of how we CAN practically nuture learner curiousity and give our Leonardos some opportunities to specialise (or diversify). Would be awesome to capture some student voice about impact - from their perspective :)

Coalface Learning Community

Coalface Learning Community

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