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Using the blog to share learning and to support critical thinking

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By Kate Dare

Today we had a liturgy celebrating Pentecost and Room 1 (Years 3 and 4) shared their learning. Two children used the data projector to show their class blog and their class post about Pentecost using a 5 W’s thinking tool (http://room1stjames.blogspot.com/) to organise their thinking around Pentecost. The children were confident in their use of the computer and projector which had previously been set up and connected to a laptop with the help of Year 6’s. This demonstrates how older students within the school are sharing their expertise and how younger students are begin to develop their knowledge of and confidence with ICTs.

In Room 1 the teacher had scaffolded the class’ learning to enable them to use an e-learning tool to support their critical thinking. The use of the blog as an e-learning tool gave the class an audience for their learning and allows them to share their learning with parents at home more easily. At this stage the teacher in the middle school adds the blog posts with the children. However, there is progression across the different age groups and throughout the year. In the Senior classes, the students are taking responsibility for adding this type of post onto the blog, as well as embedding links and web 2.0 tools.