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The camera in your pocket - using video in teaching and learning.

Last week I had the chance, in a team meeting, to listen to my colleague Liz Stevenson as she shared her experience of walking alongside Te Kura o Kutarere, where they have been using a free digital tool called Storybird to support their work in literacy.



Although Storybird, this simple, yet beautifully developed digital tool has been a significant part of the story, what has stayed with me is the way in which the use of video to capture and reflect on the learning has been so skillfully woven into the fabric of the experience.


From the very beginning, Liz has had her camera in her hand or in her pocket and has captured so much natural footage of learning. As she modelled this way of working, the students too have picked up her cell phone and using the camera, have recorded either Liz or each other talking and thinking.


In the video below, both the teacher, Susan Lee and the student speak with such clarity. I know now that this level of comfortableness in front of the camera, talking about learning, has been supported by a practice grounded in the ongoing sharing of feedback and reflection.


Together the use of Storybird and video demonstrate the potential of the use of technology to customise teaching and learning. Both have been used to enable expression and reflection. Both used to connect and communicate with others. And on top of all that, the literacy levels of the learners are collectively ramping at speed.