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TeKids Term 2 Week 7 - Lead Teacher Group Reflection

Facilitator visited Somerset Crescent school in Week 4 and got feedback from their TeKids regarding TeKids session (Somerset Crescent TeKids Wikispace - http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/SomersetCres)

This discussion on the VLN and consequently Kate adjusted her Week 7 session to accomadate more of the interaction and time the children were asking for.

The lead teachers felt the session in Week 7 was more engaging for the students and allowed them more time to explore and interact with the web 2.0 tools. The children were engaged and on task for the whole hour they were given.

The tools we used were Prezi and Spicynodes, these were mostly unfamiliar to the children. These were used in the 'Tuning In' stage of an inquiry 'Who have been great leaders and why?' Children had to problem solve and use tutorials to work out how to use the tools to record prior knowledge and 'wonder' questions (http://mantar.wikispaces.com/Lesson+Plans). Today's session allowed time for children to complete tasks and share their learning. Children gave positive feedback around this.

Two PMI's were completed today and were focused on the two tools to allow for comparison. Children's reponses were relevant and detailed (http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/Session+PMIs).

We asked for feedback from the whole group about what they enjoyed with the change of structure to TeKids and what they would like in the future (http://mantar.wikispaces.com/TeKids+Meeting+Minutes).

Lead teachers are now slightly restructuring the lesson template for each session based on this feedback and successful session.


  • Tony Greer

    It was a great session, thanks Kate! I think the simple yet effective sessions, like this one, work well - the children were allowed appropriate time to explore and work with a new tool/s as well as problem solve for themselves.

    The KC focus of Participating and Contributing was really evident as they had time to do exactly this! It was great to see them helping out more with other schools too, ie just pop over to another school's group to offer some support. I think as we take up their suggestion of more input/leadership/presenting from them this will develop further.

    The children felt a higher sense of achievement as they managed to complete the task successfully - this made the PMI/reflection at the end far more relevant. Good stuff Cool