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eLearning on the VLN: A weekly spotlight

Haven't got time to trawl the VLN for e-learning goodness? I've done it for you:-)


Community member of the week

Each week we'll profile someone who has made valuable contributions to the community. This week, it's....

image  Emma Watts

Emma is the Lead E-Learning Teacher at Tahunanui School, Nelson, and has recently shared her thoughts on digital citizenship, values-driven acceptable use policies, and professional learning.

imageGroup(s) of the week

I'm starting this section by being selfish!;-)

There are four new companion groups that are Ministry of Education hubs for elearning across New Zealand. They will offer a range of professional learning activities - and will also pull together interesting and relevant content from across the VLN and other related communities on teaching, professional learning, technology and leadership. These groups are open to all.

eLearning: Leadership: Currently voting on issues that matter to group members...
eLearning:Teaching: Sharing what's on top for e-learning folk...
eLearning: Professional learning: Discussing how to help 'technophobes'...
eLearning: Technology: Linking to UfBIS resources, and other helpful tech communities...

imageeLearning content on the VLN: Three of the best


Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net