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Here we are on the VLN...

Kia ora everyone! Lovely to meet with principals and lead teachers this morning.  I really enjoyed hearing about what is happening in your schools and I so look forward to visiting you all.


I am wondering what decision was made around a platform for reflection and sharing.  To me the VLN makes sense as a place to do this - one login, it sends updates etc. but I do also appreciate that you have set up wikis that function really well also - so it just comes down to what ever tool best suits your needs.


I look forward to following your journey! Laughing




  • donnady

    Hi there Toni,

     It was great to have you at our meeting and share where we're at with you:). We'd be very interested in talking more about mobile learning opportunities.

    I know a few schools have already invited you to visit , so we must organise a day and pop out. Lots of stuff to share :)

    We've decided that THIS is the place to hold ongoing, online professional discussions, rather than in our old blog Laughing. We'll continue as we are -with our wikis etc and try to share more resources in here as appropriate.

Coalface Learning Community

Coalface Learning Community

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